Smart On Crime

By joe2brown on April 2015

Joe Brown is tough on crime. During his fifteen years as District Attorney, his office has sent thousands of offenders to prison. Our District Attorney also knows that every case is different, and every person charged with a crime is different, and that justice does not always require a prison sentence. The decisions a district attorney makes are difficult. Brown’s office has looked for innovative ways to deal with the complex issues such as drug addiction and mental health problems.

Our District Attorney’s office has been a key player in the Grayson County Drug Court initiative begun by District Judge Rayburn Nall, allowing dozens of citizens to break the cycle of substance abuse, return to productive members of society, and avoiding the high cost of incarceration for tax-payers.

When approached by military veterans’ groups about the recurring problem of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan with mental health conditions that affected their behavior at home, Joe Brown led the effort to create a Veterans Diversion Program. Working with local veterans groups, other officials, and the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department, Brown created a review board to determine eligible veterans and create an alternative sentencing program to allow qualifying veterans to be given resources for recovery, consequence for their criminal behavior, and still an opportunity to return to employment.