A State Leader in Juvenile Law

By joe2brown on April 2015

When the Texas juvenile prison system was forced into conservatorship in 2008 after a series of scandals, Texas Governor Rick Perry turned to Grayson County District Attorney Joe Brown to help lead the reform of the Texas Youth Commission in Austin, appointing Brown repeatedly to the board of the Commission and later the Texas Juvenile Justice Department. While helping to oversee a budget of over $300 million, Brown chaired the Safety and Security sub-committee of the Juvenile Justice Department’s board, leading the effort to develop state-wide policy on juvenile prison and probation related issues around the state.

“We are very fortunate in our county to have a leader like Joe Brown. I have been working in juvenile justice for 33 years, and I have watched what has happened in Austin. It was a real honor for a Grayson County official to be on the state juvenile board, and Joe was very well respected on that board. He came on that board at a critical time, took an active role, and was a steady hand through lots of changes.

Bill Bristow

Here in Grayson County, he has supported our juvenile prosecution initiatives, and has given us seasoned prosecutors who know what they are doing. Our wait times for the resolution of juvenile cases has dropped dramatically since he took office, and things are being done right.”
-Bill Bristow, Director of Juvenile Services, Grayson County