A State Leader in DWI Enforcement

By joe2brown on April 2015

DWI Enforcement

Joe Brown’s innovative strategies for prosecuting drunk driving offenses have been recognized by Mothers Against Drunk Drivers as making our community safer. Upon taking office in 2001, Brown ended the prior practice of pleading Driving While Intoxicated offenses down to traffic ticket level Public Intoxication offenses. His office was one of the first in Texas to train and equip law enforcement to obtain search warrants for blood samples, a practice that has improved conviction rates and has saved lives. He has personally led the charge in the courtroom, representing the State of Texas in multiple intoxication related trials, including his successful murder prosecution resulting in a life sentence of the drunk driver who struck and killed Grayson County Deputy Chad Key.

“I was a state trooper in Grayson County for 27 years. I know how DWI offenses have been handled by the court system over the years. Joe Brown changed things. His office has taken DWI enforcement seriously and has done a very good job. Before Mr. Brown took office, Grayson County was well known for being soft on drunk drivers. That reputation ended after Joe Brown took office. He is a good man, and what we need in the District Attorney’s Office.
– Merle Collins, Texas State Trooper, Retired

“I was a trooper with the Texas Department of Public Safety for 39 years. For 23 years, I was the sergeant in Grayson County, supervising Grayson County troopers. I have worked with lots of District Attorneys. Joe Brown is the best district attorney I have ever known, bar none. He is tough, but treats people with respect. He has changed the way DWI cases have been handled, and the county is safer because of it. We need to keep Joe Brown.”
– Sgt. Charles Carey, Texas Department of Public Safety, Retired