The Right Kind of Progress

Joe Brown is committed to a safe Grayson County. Joe has been on the front lines of justice for 15 years to make sure that we can welcome the progress of tomorrow while holding on to the conservative values that have made this a great place to live.


About Joe Brown

A conservative leader, Joe Brown has been at the front of the fight to keep Grayson County safe for the last 15 years. Brown’s no-nonsense approach to fighting crime and his ability to solve problems have earned awards and the respect of law enforcement and prosecutors across the state.

“I am proud to call Grayson County home. This is where I grew up, and this is where Megan and I are raising our children. Behind my God and my family, nothing is more important to me than making sure this is a great place to live. With the help of a great team of prosecutors and staff, we have supported law enforcement, but been smart about taxpayer resources. That is what your DA should do. Thank you for letting me serve you in this important position. I ask for your support in 2016.”